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Question:  Where are True Chews® Dog Treats products made?

Answer: All True Chews® Dog Treats are manufactured in the United States.


Question: Where are True Chews® Dog Treats ingredients sourced?

Answer:  All our chicken, duck, pork, and beef proteins are sourced from suppliers in the United States. We are happy to talk to you about the sourcing of all our ingredients. Please call our customer care line at 1-877-303-WAGS (9247) so we can answer your specific questions.


Question: Have True Chews® Dog Treats ever been part of a recall?

Answer: No – True Chews® Dog Treats have not been taken off the market nor associated with any recalls.


Question: What quality assurance practices are used to keep True Chews® Dog Treats safe for pets?

Answer: All of our treats are made in the United States, where every batch is tested to ensure their safety and quality. We meet all pet food safety rules and regulations of the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO).  If you have additional questions, please call our customer care line at 1-877-303-WAGS (9247). 


Question: Are True Chews® Dog Treats grain free?

Answer: All of our chicken treats are grain free. Our steak, beef, duck and bacon treats contain ground rice, but not gluten.


Question: Are True Chews® Dog Treats suitable for puppies?

Answer: Yes – True Chews® Dog Treats are safe for all ages! Please check the bag for feeding guidelines based on the weight of your dogs.


Question: I’m having trouble printing your coupon. Can you help?

Answer: Please contact us using the “Message” tab at the top of our Facebook Page.