We believe these

things to be




Life is a journey.


Pets are family.


Companionship makes us happy.


We also believe this to be True: With a pet by your side, the road of life feels a lot more special.

about us

It’s that special journey with your furry friend that inspired us to create True Chews® dog treats more than 10 years ago. Back then, we were determined to create a premium pet treat worthy of your loved one. And as pet parents ourselves, we were committed to making simple, delectable treats that were both wholesome and 100% natural.

What a delicious journey it's been.


Our savory treats are always made with 100% natural ingredients, all sourced and made 100% in the USA. No artificial flavors. No artificial preservatives. Just nutritious ingredients, and premium cuts of meat, chicken and fish are always first. 

  • leaf Natural Ingredients
  • USA Made in the USA
  • chicken USA-Sourced Chicken
  • nocorn No Corn, Wheat or Soy
  • nobones No Animal By‑Products
  • nochemicals No Artificial Flavors
    No Artificial Preservatives
every single time

Our four-legged companions bring comfort, fun and a wag of the tail to the experiences that shape our lives. They’re the family members who give us 100% of their love, 100% of the time. 

We’ll continue to give our loved ones 100% of our best too.

Every single time.